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《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT

《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT 详细介绍:

《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT

《Life Choices》Section ⅥPPT




1.Today they had sent back all the pictures and_________(幻灯片),she thought.

2.I always ask how much time I have to make my __________(报告).

3.Her daughter studies in the third grade in a_________high school.

4.The boss had an_________discussion with me this morning,I feel really down.

5.They have had to_________themselves to a war economy.



1._________adj.正式的,官方的→informal adj.非正式的

2._________vi.(使)适应;改编→adaptation n.适应;改编

3.present vt.提出;出现;介绍;赠送→_________n.报告;陈述,说明

4._________adj.低年级的→senior adj.(反义词)高年级的;年长的



1.be different_____  不同于

2.adapt_____sth.   适应某事

3._____the moment  此刻,目前,眼下

4.look forward_____ 盼望

5._____a result   结果

6.come up_____ 提出

7.play an important part_____ ...  在……起重要作用

8._____fact   事实上

9.cut_____ 切断;使隔绝

10.thanks_____ 幸亏;由于

... ... ...

Life ChoicesPPT,第二部分内容:核心要点探究

1   junior adj.较年幼的;资历较浅的;地位较低的


(教材P18)You are going to write an email to one of your junior secondary school classmates about your new school life.


(1)be junior to 比……低级;比……年少      

be junior to sb.by...years=be...years sb.'s junior  =be sb.'s junior (by...)  比某人小……岁  

(2)senior adj.  资深的;(级别、地位等)较高的;年长的

be senior to  比……年长;比……高级

①She is junior to him by four years.

=She is four years his junior.

=She is his junior by four years.


②He is my manager,though he is junior_____ me.


③My brother is senior to me_____two years.


2. adapt v.使适应;改编,改造

(教材P18)I hope you have adapted well to the new situation and are enjoying your new school.


①Chung has tried to adapt to local customs.


②She adapted _________(her)quickly to the new life.


③The author is going to adapt his play_________ television.


3.at the moment 此刻,目前,眼下

(教材P18)At the moment,we meet twice a week and we're preparing to attend a competition.


for the moment=for the present 暂时 

for a moment   片刻

in a moment   不久,立刻,马上

the moment=the minute/instant  一……就……

①We aren't going to make any change for the moment.


②I really must be getting home_________a moment.


③I want to see her _________ moment she arrives.


... ... ...

Life ChoicesPPT,第三部分内容:随堂效果落实


1.She is senior_____everyone else in the company.

2.I look forward to_____ (come)to work every day.

3.The sales manager will give a_____(present) on the new products.

4.He won't go there with us unless_____(invite).

5.Let's leave the matter aside _____ the moment.

6.I suggested she should learn to adapt_____ (her)to her new campus life.

7.It is said_____the boy grew up to be a noted scientist.

8.I didn't wake up_____I heard the alarm clock.

9.They gave the first­class_____(entertain)to us.

10.Where were you when the power was cut_____?



We did not start_______________ .


She looked anxious_______________.


___________ the Frenchman may be the best gardener in the world.


Maybe you can _______________ also.


He still_______________the management of the bank. 

... ... ...

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