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《Language in use》English for you and me PPT课件

《Language in use》English for you and me PPT课件 详细介绍:

《Language in use》English for you and me PPT课件《Language in use》English for you and me PPT课件《Language in use》English for you and me PPT课件

《Language in use》English for you and me PPT课件

Read these sentences and analyze their structure. 

It’s also the subject that I’m best at, although my spoken English is not that good.

I can speak English with you whenever we meet.

As China continues to grow, many people think that Chinese will become as common as English by the middle of the twenty-first century.

Grammar 1

状 语 从 句



I get up  when it is dark.

I get up  where I study.










... ... ...

1) 状语从句分类及常用连词: 


when, whenever, while, as, before, after, since, till, once, as soon as, the moment, immediately, every time, each time, next time, the first time, any time, all the time


where, wherever 

while / when辨析

when / while + doing sth.

When / While reading, he fell asleep.



When the teacher came in, I was sleeping.

= While / When I was sleeping, the teacher came in.

when (就在这时)

I was sleeping when someone knocked at the door.

as  当…时;一边…一边;随着……


As the captain passed me, I asked him whether there was any hope of saving the ship.


As the day went on, the weather got worse.

★ as的常见用法:

1. She sang as she worked. 


2. You must try to do as I did. 


3. As she was late for class, she had to say sorry.


... ... ...


because, since, as, for, now that, seeing that, considering that


in order that, so that, that, for fear that, in case


so … that, so that, such … that, that, etc. (too … to …, enough to …, so … as to)

so that, so…that, such…that 

so that “以便”、“结果”表目的和结果。


so…that “如此…以致于”表结果, 该结构常见于: 

1. so+形/副+that从句

2. so+形+a(an)+单数名词+that从句

3. so+many / much+复数名词(不可数名词)+that从句

... ... ...

1. Complete these sentences.

after   although   because   before    if  

so that    so … that     when      while

1.Many Confucius Institutes have been set up around the world _______ more and more people want to learn Chinese.

2. French was more popular _________ English became important in the nineteenth century.

3. I will make great progress ________ you help me learn English.

4. Tony finds writing Chinese really difficult, _______ he can understand and speak Chinese pretty well.

5. English spread more quickly all over the world _______ television was invented.

6. I advise you to go to an English corner _____ you can improve your listening and speaking.

... ... ...

Grammar 2




同学们自然会想到 want to do sth., need to 

do sth.和 decide to do sth. 等表达方式。

1. 什么是动词不定式?


2. 动词不定式的语法功能

1). 不定式作主语


It is good to help others.


It is exciting to surf the Internet.


2). 不定式作宾语 

学习不定式作宾语时, 要注意掌握后接不定式

作宾语的动词。常见动词有: want, hope, wish, 

like, begin, try, need, forget, agree, help 等。

Many people decide not to think about it. 


I want to go to the library.


... ... ...

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.

1.Many people want ________ (study) English so they can get a good job.

2. I asked my teacher ________ (give) me some extra English homework.

3. You need _________ (practise) speaking every day if you want to improve your spoken English.

4. Jenny learnt _________ (speak) English well while she was in Canada.

5. English is easy ________ (learn) if you practise and revise every day.

Work in pairs. Read the remarks and answer the questions.

1.Who has done very well at school?

Meg has done very well at school. 

2.What does Ned need to do in order to get better at handwriting?

He needs to practise for a few minutes every day.

3.What does Toby enjoy? Does he like schoolwork as much as this, or less than this?

Toby enjoys sport. He likes schoolwork less than sport.

... ... ...

Choose the best answer.

1. -- The light in the office is still on.

-- Oh, I forgot ______.

A.  turning it off    B.  turn it off

C. having turned it off   D. to turn it off

2. She can’t help ______ the house because she’s busy making a cake.

A. to clean       B. cleaning

C. cleaned       D. being cleaned

3. Not everybody has the ability_____ in public.

A. of speak     B. speaking

C. spoken       D. to speak

4. Mary is always the first student _____ to answer the teacher’s questions in class.

A. rising      B. to rise

C. rose       D. risen

... ... ...

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